Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Flyaway helmets

Flyaway helmets.

In 2004 I was talking to an old friend and found out that he makes things in glass fibre. This discussion gave him the idea to “homebrew” some new Flyaway helmets. These were originally available back in the 70’s supposedly designed by Jay Adams. There was another short run of official manufacture of them before the late 90’s but since then they had been unavailable. Of course this was before Marshall Von Wolf started making his superb version.

They are after all by far the best looking skate helmet I have ever seen.

A short run of GRP shells were made and 8 were given to me to paint. Most were done in the traditional stripe design but a couple were done in original designs. The inner foam padding was done in the original way with dual layers of high and low density soft foam. The straps were nylon webbing with a quick release clip instead of “D” rings. These 8 were distributed by my friend amongst our group of skater friends. None were offered for sale.



He did a good job and they came out pretty well in the end and I’ve been using one ever since.

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