Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Not quite Iron Man

Not quite Iron Man.

I’ve proved again that I’m not quite Iron Man and not made of sturdy stuff, hence the broken elbow. I now have a little time off work and am trying to find things to do that aren’t too strenuous.The first time I broke the other elbow my son had been asking about making an Iron Man helmet. This was for him to wear at Comic Con in London. The plans were available to download from the interwebs and made of cardboard of all things. Until my accident I found it difficult to find the time amongst the thousand and one other things to do. Suddenly though time wasn’t so much of an issue, having only one fully fit arm was.

Cardboard was cut, the hot glue gun was given a heavy workout, a few scraps of plywood were employed. Glassfibre resin applied to add stiffness and a shed load of car body filler smoothed it all off. Stupidly I didn’t take any pics at the beginning as I never thought it would turn out like it did but there you go. Of course by the time Comic Con came he decided Spider-Man was better so it was never worn.

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Somewhere I have plans for a Boba Fett as well helmet but not sure I have the enthusiasm at the moment…

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