Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Reborn Flyer

Reborn Flyer.

I posted about the original mint Flyer I have a little while ago. What I didn’t mention is that there is a company who are producing new updated Surf Flyers probably aimed at the Penny board/Hipster market. I’m no fan of the Penny type boards but I do have soft spot for the Surf Flyer. I never had one back then but it does bring back fond memories of when skateboarding was new.

Make your own reborn Surf Flyer

I made a few enquiries to see if they were selling the decks on their own without trucks and wheels. Didn’t expect to not hear back but I did and it was a bit of a shock. The price for the deck which is only a piece of flat Birch plywood was more than a production board. Much as I fancied one for nostalgic purposes I wasn’t paying that much. So an idea was hatched at the suggestion of a mate to make my own. After all it’s only a bit of flat plywood.

I managed to source a bit 15mm thick Birch ply from Ebay big enough to scale up very slightly. Cut out with a jigsaw and routed the edges at an angle like the original. The finished it up with it a wipe of Danish oil. It’s much better finished than an original Surf Flyer as they were left as raw ply. The original was 22 3/4″ long X 6 1/4″ wide. My version is 23 3/4″ long X 6 3/4″ wide.

Sounds very short doesn’t it, it is but there’s no kicktail and the wheelbase on my one is 14 1/2″. Which is pretty reasonable as it’s only meant as a cruiser after all. I recreated the old Bullet style top graphic as it’s clean and slapped on some clear MOB griptape. I had a set of Tracker Dart Mid Tracks already and bought a set of 55mm blue Kryptonics which I think suit it perfectly. It has much more soul than a Penny and should make a great little street cruiser/carving board. I still have some wood left so may well make another. Perhaps maybe even scale it up a little more?

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  • Thats fab! I actually had a deck like this it was my first board…..but it had rubber wheels and roller skate style trucks…..I kinds of wish I still had it….but went somewhere along the way…..

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