Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Marazion Beach in winter.

Marazion Beach in winter. We’ve always been lucky with the weather in Cornwall. Same was true this time with a few days visit in half term. Marazion beach in February, almost Malibu isn’t it?

No sign of David Hasslehoff or Pamela Anderson though.

Marazion beach

Of course the most well known sight at Marazion is St Michaels Mount, a sort of smaller twin to its French counterpart Le Mont-Saint-Michel.

St Michael’s Mount at Marazion Beach

If you can, catch it with the tide out so you can walk along the causeway.

St Aubyn ancestral home on St Michaels Mount

Atop the Mount is the St Aubyn ancestral home.

If you go keep an eye out for the heart stone of Cormoran the giant on the cobbled path up to house.

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