Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Point and shoot camera.

New point and shoot camera. Like most people I don’t really like lugging a heavy camera bag around unless I have too. Because of this I was using my iPhone to take the majority of my day to day pictures. Good as the cameras in iPhones have become it’s a bad habit to get into as you have very little control. Also it makes you lazy.

Powershot S95

For a few years I had a little Canon Powershot S95 point and shoot camera. I have tried to take this with me to travel light on trips out.

Canon Powershot S95 point and shoot

It’s great little camera with manual controls that easily fits into a pocket. It is fiddly for those with anything other than tiny fingers though unfortunately. Despite the good points it was time to upgrade.


I’m not bothered about having the latest model and having always liked Canon cameras I opted for a Canon G7X MkII. The G7X MkII is a few years old but I don’t mind that and I got it for a good price. I also got a genuine Canon second battery to carry as a spare.

Canon Powershot G7X MkII point and shoot

A little bigger all round and a little less fiddly but will still fit into a decent sized pocket. Bigger, brighter and sharper lens, and with an articulated rear touch screen makes it much easier to handle. It feels much sturdier in your hand. It has manual control as well. The ability to wifi pictures to an iPhone or iPad to edit, email or post is a nice touch too if you’re away from your Mac/PC. No 4K video but I don’t care about that at present. It seems to have been the vloggers camera of choice at one point because of it size and picture/video quality. Can’t be a bad thing.

Powershot S95 and G7X MkII side by side

It’s not without it faults but so far I’m very happy with my choice. On top of all that it takes a half decent picture too.

Autumn leaves

Of course by now you’ve worked out that the pictures of both cameras were taken with my iPhone. Old habits die hard.

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