Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Not a Hackintosh.

Not a Hackintosh.

Got ourselves a new computer and it’s not a Hackintosh. After years of thinking about it and never being decisive enough we went out and bought ourselves a nice shiny new iMac.

I’ve been a happy Hackintosher for about 11 or 12 years now. I’ve built several very reliable machines that served us well for at least decade. Pretty much everything worked on the most recent machine, iMessage, Facetime, Handoff, Continuity and Airdrop. It’s been a great machine in a pretty G5 case, for all intents and purposes it was a real Mac.


Thing is despite years of trouble free Hackintosh updates, those from Sierra to High Sierra and then to Mojave have been a little troublesome. So time has come to spend less time fiddling about and making things work and more time using it or doing other things.

Luckily my wife works in education so we were able to take advantage of the Apple Educational discount. A quite reasonable £200 odd pounds saving. So we ordered a custom built 27″ iMac with 512Gb NVME SSD and 8GB RAM. The cost of 32GB RAM from Apple is a stupidly extortionate £540. No idea why anyone would pay that. So the RAM upgrade was purchased elsewhere for half the price. Now it has a much more respectable 40GB. The 5K screen is a work of art, I never want to have to look at  a lower res screen ever again.

At the moment extra storage is via some USB3 drives and an Ethernet attached Time Capsule. Not the fastest but as soon as the bank balance allows some Thunderbolt drive enclosures will be added.

I’m not going to kid anyone by trying to justify the price as it was still stupidly high but I love it. Hopefully update time will be a bit less fraught than they have been recently too…

Shiny new iMac

First thing I did was take a celebratory picture with the Lensball I bought a little while back.

iMac through a Lensball

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