Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream


Vinyl, what is the point? I know this is terribly unfashionable but I really don’t understand the whole record thing. Why insist on using 70yr old technology to play music when they take up so much space to store, need to be stored correctly with care, deteriorate (infinitesimally perhaps) each time they are played, are prone to scratch and require a bulky non mobile piece of furniture to play them on. I can’t get my head around it. Give me the digital format over vinyl any day of the week. MP3’s are compressed files so technically you don’t get all the audio but my old Tinitussy ears can’t tell the difference.

I have a sneaky feeling it’s a recording industry scam.  A dirty deed to get everybody to buy everything all over again. This is after they got everybody to ditch all their vinyl years ago in favour of CD’s. Then of course remastered everything to get you to buy it on CD again. Of course it’s very fashionable, oh and expensive too.

Saying that, & not having had a record player for over 20yrs, I still have a small box of some records. Some that I just can’t bare to part with, albums and singles. Probably just because I loved those records so much it would be like selling one of the family. I even persuaded myself to buy the vinyl re-issue of The Damned’s New Rose picture disc single. Silly really because I can’t play it.

Does that make me a hippocrite?

There is of course something about holding something physical in your hands. Something solid as opposed to invisible data files. I do though love the convenience of being able to have all your favourite “choons” in your pocket all the time.

New Rose re-issue

A couple of other gems from the old vinyl box.

Jimmy Jimmy in green vinyl Smash It Up in red vinyl



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