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Mad Dog.

Back at the start of the UK skateboarding craze in 1970’s the best known US skater was probably Tony Alva. He garnered a bit of reputation as a bad boy and acquired the name nickname “Mad Dog”. I vividly remember my parents calling me to the TV to watch a documentary called Skateboard Kings. It followed the exploits of some Californian skaters amongst which was Tony Alva.

Alva was the first superstar skate god. He allegedly did the first airs out of a pool and was first to have his own skate company, Alva Skates. I always wanted one of those early Alva pro model boards but never actually got one. Decks sizes changed quickly back then & by the time I got to get a new board they’d all gone to the wide 10″ boards. So the the 8″ Alva deck I always craved passed me by, until recently.

Alva have been selling re issues of their decks for a few years and I’d always meant to grab one. Another one of those things that was low priority and so never did. Although not an original I was lucky enough to receive one as a present recently. Still look as good today as they did back then with the die cut sparkly griptape revealing a paint fade. Perfect. What else on earth could a 13/14yr old boy want in 1978 apart from this…

Alva 77 deck, Tracker Mid Tracks and Tunnell Rock wheels.

The sparkly griptape is everything.

2 Replies to “Mad Dog.”

  • Hi.. Nice set up!
    I just had my Alva 77 stolen and cant remember if it had Tracker Midtracks or Fulltracks for my replacement if I can find one. I loved mine so much!
    What is on yours? How does it look all set up?
    Cheers Duncan

    • Hi Duncan, those are Midtracks. Not period correct as the have the later and larger “gnarly” pivot but they are nicer looking than the later Tracker Dart Midtracks. I still haven’t set it up as it goes, I keep looking at and thinking should I or shouldn’t I?

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