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Saint or sinner?

Saint or sinner? Took a family trip to Brighton to collect the eldest two weeks ago and had another stop at Lewes. While we were strolling around a flea market a tatty old Simon Tempar/The Saint Corgi toy car caught my eye. The Saint was one of my favourite TV programs as a kid and I couldn’t refuse buying it as it was only £10. I had seen a Youtube video in the past about someone restoring and old Dinky/Corgi toy car so I thought I’d have a go.

A quick search revealed that you can buy most of the bits that would need replacing. New tyres, jewels for headlights and securing rivets arrived shortly after. I drilled out the old rivets securing the body and base, the old paint stripped and cleaned everything. I polished the scratched and yellowed screen with toothpaste as it’s a nice fine abrasive and works well. The body and base had lovely new white and grey paint and headlights fitted. A waterslide decal of the logo came with the tyres unfortunately the backing had yellowed so it wasn’t used. I scanned that one and made my own waterslide decal instead.

Turned out much better than I thought it would. Almost as good as when it left the Corgi factory. So Saint or sinner? Must be more Saint I reckon.

You can also get reproduction Corgi boxes on Ebay as well. Who knew? I’m seriously considering getting one. I need somewhere safe to keep it after all don’t I?

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