Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Things to do with a Raspberry Pi

Things to do with a Raspberry Pi part 1. On a whim I bought a Raspberry Pi to make a simple and cheap wildlife cam. Hoping to see what wildlife comes and goes through the garden. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B bought from Ebay as a customer return for £22. Raspberry Pi version 1 camera module bought for £6.25 from Ebay. Camera mount from Ebay for £5 and a case for the Raspberry Pi from Amazon for £10. The other parts I already had lying around.

All the parts…

Picture of the parts to make a Raspberry Pi nature cam

This is the collection of parts. A baby milk tin. I knew there’d be a use for it someday… A water bottle nozzle for a rain guard. A micro USB lead. Some scrap balsa wood and plywood to make a mount to attach the camera to the inside of the tin. The Raspberry Pi and camera module and a USB power bank. It needs to be one that has a decent capacity and outputs 2 amps really. The higher the capacity the longer the camera will run.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and camera module

Close up of the Raspberry Pi and camera module.

Water bottle nozzle cut from the bottle to shield the Raspberry Pi lens from rain

Cut down water bottle nozzle to fit into a hole cut in the tin to keep rain off the lens.

Balsa and plywood mount for the Raspberry Pi camera module

Scrap balsa and ply mount/shelf to attach the camera too.

Side view of the tin

Rain guard fitted with the help of a hot glue gun. The eagle eyed will see the water bottle bottom opposite the rain guard over some cooling holes.

All the components fitted into the tin

All packed into the tin with plenty of room.

The OS software chosen is Motioneye which you install on the micro SD card. Very simple to set up with lots of options including motion detection. Stills and video are downloadable wirelessly from a web browser too. It’s a bit bright at the moment so a coat of paint may be in order. Satin black perhaps?

Does it work?

After final assembly I put the unit outside on the decking with a slice of bread to see if I could attract some wildlife. Almost straight away a local squirrel took the bait. The motion detection worked a treat too…


Looks a bit less in your face with a coat of satin black. Can’t do a lot about the plastic lid though.

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