Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Scale Spitfire.

This is how you build a scale Spitfire. This scale model Spitfire is on display RAF Hendon museum. Built by a talented chap called David Glen with a lot of spare time on his hands. He has a website with some info about it and some other models he has made. Spifire in my workshop. It took him 11 years to make and it shows.

The level of detail is incredible. Originally a wooden framework presumably skinned with Balsa then finished in sheet lithoplate. Lithoplate being thin Aluminium sheet used in the printing industry. The details such as landing gear, wheels and cockpit all scratch built, that’s not even considering the tens of thousands of hand fitted rivets. It would be easy to spend all day looking at it and still miss most of the detail work. It’s a perfect Spitfire in 1/5th scale.

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